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Are you looking to upgrade your lifestyle?

Have you ever thought of being able to live in your dream home and earn passive income at the same time?

I specialise in property investment in the private residential market.

Whether you are a property novice or seasoned investor, learn how you can implement an asset progression strategy so that you can maximise your resources and build up your wealth over time through the property market.

Allow me to work together with you to review your existing property portfolio and develop a viable asset progression strategy that will help you achieve your property investment goal. As your property agent and real estate consultant , I will help you to carefully devise a strategy which addresses your specific needs.

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What is an asset progression strategy?

Property asset progression is a practical strategy that helps property owners to structure their property portfolio for the purposes of generating income. Through strategic financial planning, you can establish a portfolio of multiple properties that can earn you passive income and enable you to build up your wealth over time. This can happen by keeping to a budget at your comfort level, without straining your financial resources.

Here are some ways an asset progression plan can work:

Upgrade your home (for example, from a HDB flat to a private condo) and also invest in another property for rental income

Keep your existing home while buying one or more income-generating properties for passive income

Who is the asset progression strategy for?

This strategy suits those with a big picture view towards property investing.

I work with individuals such as:

HDB owners looking to cash out of their flats and upgrade to a private property

Existing private property owners looking to invest in more properties for rental income or capital appreciation

First-time private property buyers or investors

Property investors searching for financial freedom who are keen to have a source of passive income or to build up a nest egg for retirement

I will share how you can utilise a mix of CPF savings, personal savings and financing kept at your comfort level so you can own multiple properties. I can help you to position your property portfolio so you can unlock value from your property holdings and yet set aside rainy day or emergency funds.

Through property investment in the right type of properties at the right prices in the right locations, you can also generate positive cash flow and create a source of passive income. Not only can you lead your dream lifestyle within your financial means, but you can also build up a steady source of growth through prudent financial planning.

What type of property transactions do you deal with?

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As part of your property investment or asset progression strategy, I can help you to:

Sell your HDB flat

Buy a private condo, apartment or landed property

Sell your private condo, apartment or landed property

Rent out your private condo, apartment or landed property

For all transactions, I will conduct a thorough financial analysis to ensure your eligibility to purchase before shortlisting suitable properties that match your specific needs.

What is part of your service? How do you work?

My objective is to guide you in every step of the way on your property journey so that you can make the right purchase decisions. Here’s how I work:


Understand your objectives or financial goals

I take the time out to understand your objectives or financial goals in your property hunt. For home buyers looking for own-stay purposes, this could include location, amenities, facilities and prospects for capital appreciation. For property investors, this could include factors such as rental yields, location and capital appreciation. You could be looking to attain financial freedom, have a source of income for retirement or even build up a property portfolio that you can hand down to your next generation.


Conducting financial analysis

Once I have understood your objectives, I will conduct a thorough assessment of your financial background and assets. I will do in-depth financial calculations to ensure that you have the financial means to add on to your property portfolio. For example, you will need cash and CPF on hand to cover the option to purchase, down payment, buyer’s stamp duty, additional stamp duty, mortgage stamp duty, property valuation and legal fees. Your existing financial situation will also determine whether you are eligible for a mortgage loan and whether you have the ability to service that loan.


Devising a suitable asset progression strategy

Based on your goals, objectives and existing financial background, I will tailor an appropriate strategy to help you attain your dream home or build your property portfolio. Whether you should focus on mortgage minimisation, wealth creation, debt consolidation or other objectives will inform your property investment strategy. The most important consideration is to ensure that you do not overstretch your financial limits. For property investors, I will also consider whether financial leverage is a suitable option for you.


Shortlisting properties

Once we have decided on a suitable approach and when you are market-ready, I will shortlist a selection of properties that suits your requirements and budget. This will take into account cash flow, income, potential for long-term growth, rental suitability and other factors. I will help to make appointments and bring you for viewings to select your property.


Completing the transaction

As your property agent, I will also assist you in your price negotiations to ensure that you get a fair deal out of the transaction. I will help you with the documentation process and put you in touch with mortgage lenders, lawyers and other relevant professionals to complete your transaction.

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If you are keen to find out more, do get in touch to explore how I can help you with your needs.